Upon request, I slide my thong down raising my round ass to get it off. I lift my legs pressed together up in the air and slide the panties up and off so they get a view of my pussy lips. Now completely naked, I set both of my feet up onto the seat and spread my bent legs as much as my chair will allow in this position.

From the table, I grab three suction cylinders. First, I put one over each nipple and twist to get as much suction as possible. If I was wet before, now I'm soaked and I can't help but whimper in delight.

The third gets attached to my throbbing clit making my body jerk. When all three are secure I slide a small thin vibrator into my tight pussy. The chat is going crazy and I can see some of the men have their cams on.

My hands now free, I start replying to some of them. I can see one of my regulars slowly stroking his long cock just the way I've told him I like it before. A lot of the men that turn their cams on are nothing to write home about but Don is another story.

As a VIP his window is private and connected directly to me. I have to admit, I always get excited when he comes on for me. I confess to giving him special preference over any of the other men or women that chat or tip.

DON: Are you enjoying your view of my cock? Should I stroke it slower for you? You look delicious tonight my little slut doll.